Random happiness

Hello again!

I just gotta share with you some random but oh so great happiness! Yesterday I went to town with my sister and mum. We went to a flea market and I found the most beautiful couch table ever. I mean EVER. It’s so beautiful and I obviously fell in love. I just felt it in my heart I had to buy it.

Judging by how beautiful and complete it was I thought it would cost millions (okay, at least 500 £) but it didn’t! It only cost 360 SEK (that is around £36 – that is not very much at all for a table, especially not THIS table)

I know I sound a bit crazy being so happy about a table but, oh my God, it’s amazing!



It’s a wooden table with a copper plate with engravings of hot air balloons on top. So beautiful. It’s moments like this, when you see amazing objects at flea markets you just have to go with it. If you wait someone else is gonna buy that special thing and I just couldn’t let anyone do that. So I bought it and I love it so much! It’s so ’me’ as I love air balloons. It just spoke to me: Hi Louise, buy me and I’m yours forever and ever.. Don’t leave me here in this cold shed.

Well, I just couldn’t resist that, could I? :)


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