Finished project: Explore

Hello there!

As I’ve mentioned before I got a few orders after the exhibition to make paintings. And now they’re done.

Here is one of them:



It’s called ’Explore’ and goes under the ’Time Travel’ category. It’s 50×70 cm and made with a few different scrapbook papers from a cool man called Tim Holtz. You should check him out at I really like his style and I’ve used quite a lot of his designs in my paintings. He does this cool ’vintage junk’ sort of thing and has for example made the paper with the letters I’ve used for this painting. I’ve also used a few different papers from Graphic 45 who does this cool vintage steam punk thing that I like so much. The watch down in the right corner is a napkin I’ve used in quite a lot of my paintings, I know, but I just like it so much. And hey, all the paintings doesn’t end up with the same customer… So I do this so more people can enjoy the beautiful Roman watch. :)


I really hope the guy who’s buying it likes it! :)


Well, that’s all for now!

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