Finished project: Shabby pink vintage boxes!


I’ve gotten a new hobby! It’s decorating little boxes. It’s so much fun and you can do however you’d like. I’ve decorated a few now, 9 actually, with different themes.

Here are the first two ones I made:




It’s a couple of round boxes that goes together. The big one is 12 cm in diameter and 8 cm high. The smaller one is 8 cm in diameter and 6 cm high. I gave them to my mum for Christmas, filled with something she likes, i.e dark chocolate! I couldn’t post this blog earlier in case she’d look over here and discover what she’d get.

I put dark chocolate in the smaller box and a gift card at her favorite store in the bigger one. It’s way more fun to give away a card that way and she’d have no idea what it was until she’d opened it!


I’ve painted both the inside and outside with cream white, then rubbed a little on the outside with a sand beige ink pad to make them a little mottled. I’ve used scrapbook paper around the bottom pieces and on top of the lids. I cut out the paper I needed, then scraped the edges with scissors and rubbed with a black ink pad on them to make them look torn. I decorated the lid with tiny plastic cream white hearts, a fabric flower I got from a hair slide and a few tiny dark pink scrapbook flowers. Around the lid I glued a fillet with beige roses (I found it at H&M haha). Around the middle on the bottom pieces I attached a small vintage pink silk ribbon.

I’m actually pretty pleased how they turned out! And my mum liked them too :)


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