Flea markets and treasures

Hi guys!

I got a few orders from the exhibition that I’ve been working on lately. They’re all lying waiting for the varnish to dry now! There are two new ’vintage black&white romantics’ and one ’time travelish’, but also a few ’old school vintage sepia’ that aren’t completely finished yet. They still need a little more touch to them..

It’s so much fun to try new things and last weekend I went to a flea market and found really old local news papers! So old they had turned yellow and were very delicate. Guess the year? The oldest one was from 1905! I also got a few from 1936, 1959 and one from 1933! So cool and they only cost 5 SEK/ed. (that is, around 50 pence – that is, not much at all!). I’m using them for my decoupaging of course! :)

I also found a beee-utiful, really old terrestrial globe! So old it said ’the Soviet Union’ on it! I was actually looking for my sister who seemed to have just disappeared when I saw the little beauty. I started to run straight at it and my sister, who saw me, thought I was running happy to her. Haha! Guess the price?

– It cost only 40 SEK = around £4 ! Seriously, that is basically nothing at all! I was so happy I almost cried haha :)

I really love flea markets – you can find so many old and cool things! Things that the seller doesn’t know the beauty of. I’m really not out looking for cheap things that actually is worth a fortune. No, I’m looking for things that is worth a lot to me, personally. I don’t care if this globe is worth only £4 – to me it’s worth something more like £4000. I’m not kidding. I’ve been looking for this little baby for so long and finally found it! Haha I carried it around like I had a little baby in my arms. I’m such a nerd, but I’m so soft for old vintage things. They’re like treasures of gold to me!

Well, that’s all for now!
I will upload pictures of the new paintings when they’re dry and finished! :)

Sleep well

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