New paintings!


I’ve made a three new paintings for the ’Amor Vincit Omnia’ category. And here they are.


I’ve made this one using an about one-year-old German newspaper, a napkin from Sagen (the girl), a napkin with angels, scrapbook paper from Tim Holtz (the watches), two stamps form old letters, a few silver and a few white plastic hearts, a key made of wood, an angel made of gypsum on which I painted the wings silver, wooden letters L, O, V and E, which I first painted white and then painted black very uneven to make it look vintage. I’ve also used a few different clear stamps saying words like ’Amor Vincit Omnia’ and ’Verus Amor’ etc..

I started by painting the whole canvas with a very vague yellow shade, like vintage white or cream.Then I’ve also painted the edges black, as usual… ;)

I really like smoked edges so I’ve inked the watches after cutting them out from the scrapbook paper. I’ve also inked the edges and the surface of the newspaper and also rubbed a little on the stamps.



These last two ones are made for the same customer and basically the same as the first one, except I didn’t paint the background cream white, it’s just as white as the canvas was when I bought it.

Hope the customers like them :)


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