My ’new’ camera!


As I wrote before I’m working on a new super 8 film. I shot it last week and the week before that and then sent it away to Germany for developing. But something had went wrong and the first tape was completely overexposed! So now I have to re-shoot it. Bummer. But it’s OK I guess, because the people (17 guys and girls from Vittra (a local ’high school’)) could attend again tomorrow! Excellent :)

I just really want to get it all done and developed so I can start edit the whole thing! I think that’s the funniest part of the whole film-making process – you sort of get to create the whole story while cutting and editing..

In other news: I bought my very first Super 8 camera the other day! It’s a Chinon 30 R XL from 1980. It has barely been used and it’s still working just fine. I bought it from my tutor Jamie, who introduced me to this amazing world of retro technology. I’m gonna re-shoot this scene with it tomorrow! Exciting ^^

Look at the little baby ^^

Haha I kind of have this thing for old stuff..


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