Old news


Flea market update, again.. ;)

One time when I was at a local flea market I found some really old news papers! They’re still making them to this day but they look way different now. For starters the size of the magazine was enormous back then! Now it’s about half as big I guess.

The paper is so old that it’s turned yellow and it looks amazing. I’ve already started using it fore some new paintings but they’re not finished yet. I think you can actually spot them in the background of this picture of me reading this enormous old news paper from 1959, called ’Östersunds Posten’. (the oldest magazine was from 1905 if I’m not mistaking!)


Ooups, my bad. You can’t see the painting I’ve used this old news for, it’s behind the front painting.. Oh well..

I’m gonna upload some pictures of the new paintings when they’re done. It’s just been so much lately so I haven’t really had the time.. :/


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