Super 8 update


I’ sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been quite busy planning a short super 8 film project! It’s so much fun, but very time-consuming – you need an idea, actors, location, script, storyboard, etc, etc…

Anyway, I started filming just yesterday. I had a lot of teenagers over who all are drama training at a local school. They were all great, but it’s so annoying that I can’t look at the material until I’ve sent to Germany, got it developed, and then sent back to me in Sweden for editing. So it will take a few weeks.. :/ I still have some shooting to do tomorrow though and I’m hoping the weather holds out. We’re gonna be filming outside in a park and in the middle of town so I really hope it won’t rain..

The final film will be sent to some film festivals and I will also upload it on youtube and here of course.

I’ll let you know.. :)


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