Tin sheets and concrete!


Haven’t been bloging in a while now, sorry about that. Where have I been? Well, at Panduro of course!

Haha this week I’ve been there drooling all over the place everyday except Monday and Sunday (today), because it was closed today :(

I’ve bought a lot of new stuff AND(!!) I’ve gotten a new hobby! I’ve just begun to mold things with concrete! It’s so much fun and I’m looking everywhere for shapes to put the concrete mass in.  I’m really excited to see the result but it’s not completely dry yet.. :/

In other news I’ve also started making my own magnet calendars! It’s a plane tin sheet on which I’m going to decoupage beautiful papers and add numbers and all the months. I’ve already begun, but I haven’t finished anyone yet, so I’ll upload pictures later.

Well that’s all for now! Dinner’s ready! :)


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